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 We are blessed at Grace Community Church to be partnered with a such a diverse

 and gifted group of people, who are reaching the world for Christ. Our goal is to be

 united with them-- heart, mind, soul and body-- underpinning their ministries,

 attempting to "Hold the Ropes" of support.

 Due to the Sensitivity of some of our Missionaries ministering in Muslim     

 Countries,  we cannot list their Bio's on the Web for their safety. We do support 

 five other Missionaries across the Globe in connection with those we have listed.


 Minton - Hope Force International
After nearly 19 years with Mercy Ships, Jack and Cherie Minton have stepped out in God to establish a new work in His name. Hope Force International's initial focus is to provide rapid disaster response and relief for those in need around the world. This ministry sweeps into an area struck by natural or man-made disasters to provide food, medical supplies and treatment as well as grief counseling and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jack served as Senior Vice President of International Operations at Mercy Ships, Cherie served as the Training Director for the International Operations Center in Texas. Now together, with their gifts and experience, God is using them as a Force of Hope around the globe. Visit their website at www.hopeforce.org.


 Dirk &Elizabeth Wood - South East Asia, Europe, South Africa

Dirk Wood founded Arise & Shine Evangelistic Association in February 1987 with the help of many Filipino nationals. It has grown to include evangelism; crusades; training and nationals in evangelism, Schools of Bibliology; a Christian school for K-12; radio programs; feeding programs; medical care for the poor, a fellowship of ministers; a Theological Seminary and an accreditation center for Bible School. Several missionaries now work with the ASEA team. God called Dirk to carry and ASEA vision to London, England, and moved there in 1993. Dirk has preached the Gospel message to thousands who have gathered to hear in some of the most popular tourist spots. In 1996 a 100yr old pub was purchased in central London and converted into The London Outreach Center. Recently, they began an evangelistic outreach in South Africa in one of the most dangerous spots on earth. Over the years, Dirk and those he has raised up have won thousands of souls to Christ. Arise, shine, for the light has come the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. Visit their website at www.arise-shine.org.

 Paul &Cindy Butler - Mali, Africa

   Paul and Cindy served in Congo, Africa as missionaries. When the revolt took place in  Congo, it took special forces to rescue them from the rebels. After their rescue the Butler's Pastored in Maryland, until  2011, when Paul felt God was leading him back to the mission field in Mali Africa.  Paul and Cindy are  reaching a people group in Mali who never heard of the Gospel of Christ before.  This is new uncharted  area for the Kingdom of God and a people group that is primarily Muslim.  The Butler's have found favor  with the locals, and the Chief Tribesman gave the Butler's land to build the ministry.  The Butler's are affiliated with Elim Fellowship and are truly remarkable, wonderful people to partner with.

  Ingolf Schmidt  - Leipzig, Germany

, Pastor Ingolf has an incredible life story of becoming a Christian while living behind the Iron Curtain in East Germany. He started underground churches and help launch ministries under great oppression and persecution under the communist regime. He pastor's a church in Leipzig, Germany and travels in America speaking on the incredible grace of God that he has experienced living behind the iron curtain. Pastor Ingolf's web page is http://ingolfschmidt.org  - and he is the author of Faith behind the Iron Curtain, that is captivating and hundreds of testimonies of readers giving their lives to Jesus by reading his book.

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